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A was certification allows a welder to be able to keep their certification across the United States without having to restart their application process in order to become a certified welding professional in a different country. Yes and no, depending on how you reply to the question. welding is a profession that is very sought-after since there are less and many welders on the market. If you are able to demonstrate your skills in the field, most firms won’t ask you to be a certified welder. So it is possible to travel across state lines and able to find a job even without an AWS certification. An aws certificate proves you can be a competent welding expert and lets you perform work in any part of the country. While there are opportunities available, this certificate is the most efficient way to find employment as your abilities are recognized throughout the country. There is quite a bit of work to pass your exam for accreditation. It is worth the effort. geyhj7pc7i.