Make Sure You Get the Right Restraining Order – My Free Legal Services

A temporary or restraining order could be required to ensure your safety and security. The lawyer you hire should have the ability to secure this for you, particularly when you’ve provided evidence of your abuse in the presence of your soon-to-be ex partner.

Perhaps you’re worried about what you will get when you request a restraining or. There are five kinds of order to restraining. Four of them are civil restraining orders and one is a criminal restraining or restraining order. The four civil restraining orders are domestic violence restraining or restraining and civil harassment restraining order for adult dependent abuse, dependant adult abuse detaining orders, as well as workplace violence restraining order. Restraining orders against domestic violence are the only civil orders that can be issued through the court of family.

It could take a while to receive a temporary order. If your life is in immediate danger and you are in immediate danger, your attorney may be able to get you an emergency protective order to secure you even as the courts take their time to review your matter.

Ask your lawyer about obtaining the most appropriate restraining order for your case. 1a1i3lfe1y.