What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring a Roofer – The Interstate Moving Companies

Homestead Roofing recommends asking a roofing contractor these questions.

Ask if the roofer has insurance and provide proof. Insuring yourself not only helps you from being injured during the roof job and it shows that the roofing contractor is dedicated to being in business for a lengthy period.

Then, inquire about their address for their office. If there are any issues, the top roofers will have an office in mortar and bricks. Roofers with the best reputation earn enough for an office.

A second question you should ask is what their contractor license number. Though not all states require roofing contractors to possess an license, it’s recommended to obtain one if the state you live in requires that you. This number can be checked on the internet.

If the roofing contractor asks for money, tell him what is required and how much. Roofers shouldn’t be asking for more than 30%. There are some laws in specific states that regulate the amount of a deposit that must be. Make sure you check for them. tkex39cusu.