Small Bathroom Renovation Project – Remodeling Magazine

Start your journey to remodel your bathroom by watching this DIY video. Before you start the bathroom remodeling, you’ll need to take all fixtures out of your bathroom, including mirrors, the vanity as well as the toilet. Once you’ve taken care to remove all fixtures and flooring, it’s time to start taking out that drywall in your shower space. Facial protection is recommended when dealing with the presence of fiberglass.

If you are deciding what pieces to put in your space the best thing to do is to make your space bright. Start by adding some beautiful white tile. Then, you can add an updated wall system and the modern toilet along with a new vanity design faucet and mirror.

In order to ensure your project goes smoothly, it is vital to choose a licensed plumber. A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Remodeling your space can really transform the look and feel of the bathroom that is small for yourself and guests.