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They must collaborate with disability lawyers to determine the amount they should be getting from their survivors benefits and then fight for what they’re entitled to.

The following video could be used to help determine whether you’re not receiving the benefits for survivors that you deserve. Before you speak with the lawyer you want to use, it’s better to investigate the problem yourself. Then you can make sure that the situation is worth all the time and effort that you’re willing to put into pursuing it.

Some people are not eligible for survivors benefits. Most often, survivors of spouses or former spouses as well as children of deceased parents may be eligible. Couples must be married for minimum 9 months in most cases, but there are exceptions. These benefits start at the age of 60 for spouses who are either disabled or over 50 years old. or older. If they have small children, benefits could be commenced earlier.

Ex-spouses must have been married at minimum 10 years old, or they must be caring of their children under the age of 16.

If you’re believed to be eligible for these benefits and you’re still not receiving them, speak to a lawyer. dw57ai37qd.