How to Clean Your Ducted Air Conditioner – DIY Projects for Home

It is possible to reach those hard-to-reach shelving units or frames for pictures, but make sure you remember to check the condition of your air cooling system. Many homeowners think their ACs don’t require the same amount of maintenance. It is important to clean the filter often to ensure that your air conditioner to function effectively. This video will show you how to clean your air cooling filter.

First of all, ensure security first when cleaning the air filter. Air grills are often found on ceilings. Make sure that you’re comfortable when going up steps. It is important to make sure that your surface is level. Having an additional hand can make it easier. Once you have unscrewed the grill, it will open on hinges. It is easy to reach inside and pull the filter out with your fingers. Then, take it outside and rinse it off to get rid of dust particles stuck in the filter. You’ve done a crucial action in spring cleaning, by replacing the filter.