Tooth Implants Explained – Choose Meds Online

Cosmetic treatments are employed to restore the teeth that have decayed or become missing. In this video, we will provide the basics of dental implants as well as explain how they function.

Picture your teeth as small trees or plants. Plants and trees need roots to grow properly. Just like plants, your dental crowns (the visible part of the teeth) require stable roots for health.

Dental implants provide the prosthetic dental crown, which is fixed by implants, which serves as the root of the tooth. To figure out the right implant, your dentist will begin by examining your gums and mouth using an radiograph.

An x-ray can provide valuable information about the required length of the fixture. The position of your alveolar nerve determines the length. Your dentist will advise you on the best fixture for you, then he or she will cut off the surrounding region before putting it.

To get three-dimensional images of your mouth, as well as surrounding teeth, your dentist places an scanner on top of the implant. They will use this to design a custom dental implant to fit perfectly into your mouth.

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