Should I Get Clear Aligners For My Teen? – CEE News

Any options that you and the person could choose from. It could be that one they like better, or is easier to use. For you to be sure that your decision is right choice, make sure you discuss the options with your child’s dentist. Clear aligners are an excellent alternative for teenagers. Are they superior to braces? Which is better? We’ll find out!

Clear aligners for teenagers are very different than the traditional metal braces. Clear aligners appear invisible when worn. They are also used by teenagers for straightening their dental teeth. Teens need not get anxious about it. They work just like braces made from metal, however, they tend to be more effective for less severe inconsistencies. Braces made of metal may be more beneficial for children with severe misalignments. The choice is up to you and your child! Talk about all the possibilities with an orthodontist who will be able to tell you which one could be the most suitable option. This video will cover everything!