Tips for AC Duct Repair – Family Reading

Air quality and comfort to your home. If you’ve got damaged ducts they need AC repairs to your ducts in order to get the system back up and running, reduce costs on your utility bill, as well as have a reliable HVAC system. This video shows how to fix leaking ducts within your house.

Leaky ducts could be a problem if your home is having issues with inconsistent temperatures, high dust levels or you have high bills for energy. The insulation may appear in your basement ducts. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the duct beneath is sealed.

HVAC contractors usually make a seal on the ducts by applying cement. Mastic is a rubberized cement which can be used to seal the joints between the pipes. A foil tape can be utilized. The tape isn’t sealed if aren’t able to see any mastic in the duct joint.

The problem is that even when you seal the majority of the exposed duct work most of it is hidden between your walls, the ceilings, or under your flooring. The most effective method to achieve the full seal is to start from the inside out.

Contractors can see where leaks can be found by sealing returning and supply channels. The liquid sealant is then converted to an aerosol and sent to the conduits. The leaks are sealed and the ducts are ready to be used again!