How to be Aware of Our Own Implicit Bias –

The way we interact with our surroundings. Many studies have focused regarding implicit bias and how it affects individuals.

One way to determine our implicit biases is by taking a test through the Harvard University Project Implicit website. These tests allow you to quickly answer the quick question and evaluate your opinion on individuals who look similar or distinct. The test requires you to identify positive or negative traits for random characters. The subconscious mind is fast to give its opinions, as it has little time for reflection. When it comes to the final results will show possession of bias.

They can also recognize their implicit biases based on people they surround themselves with. Furthermore, one can see subconscious biases in the workplace. There may be a group of individuals who one might feel are superior at the job , no matter if it’s true or not. Involuntary bias recognition ensures that you’re aware of your self-perceived prejudices. Then, you can hold yourself accountable and work to build a better environment for all. jlw4m3ikr3.