The Average Day Working at a Masonry Company – Industrial and Manufacturing Insights

reading. The YouTube video “A Daily Life with Stone Mason’s business owner Adrian Sims – CBS Stoneworks”, shows you how it’s like to be in the field, in order to make an educated choice. It’s time to learn more.

The expert is averaging over twenty years experience within the field of masonry. In addition, he runs his own business in the masonry industry for about 10 years. He specializes in stone, brick or veneer. His project includes pathways, rocks, and retaining walls. Also, he makes use of concrete and pavers for his work. Their most recent project time is made up of several houses with fake rocks set up, but this fake rock looks amazing.

He showed his employees at work on the scaffolding in order to build the chimney, while his absence. They employed Hudson Bay ledge stones, that are dry stones for stacking. The team had to fill in gap with these stones before securing them in the desired position for a perfect design.

Watch the rest of the video for more details about what a masonry company is doing every day.