A History of Dental Products From the Toothbrush to Today Toothbrush History


The idea was to treat a number of conditions, including periodontal disease and gingivitis. It’s a method of flossing, which is employed to remove and avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. Periodontal disease is also treated by Sozodont. The cause is dental plaque. For approximately two weeks, floss at least twice per day. For those with sensitive teeth, and gingivitis must not take advantage of this method.

This method can be used to reduce gingivitis (a buildup of bacteria inside your mouth). For approximately two weeks, brushing your teeth twice per day is mandatory. The treatment is generally not advised for patients with sensitive teeth or gingivitis.

Soozodont was developed in the 70s from Doctor. Leonard Sozodont, who was an oral surgeon at the time. Doctor. Sozodont wanted to find an effective method to treat gum disease, periodontal disease, and other diseases without need for surgery or antibiotics. He developed a treatment that required flossing two times a day for about 2 weeks. The procedure was further refined by Dr. Sozodont. He added brushes to help prevent growth of bacteria in the mouth. The method that Dr. Sozodont used was improved by Dr. William Wainwright who is a professor of dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Wainwright was appointed Director of the Dental School and the College of Dental Surgery in 1875. During that year he became the inaugural dentist surgeon professor in the university. Its University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine was founded in 1878. The school was established including Dr. Wainwright as the first dean and the Dr. Sozodont to be his deputy. Later, the school was transformed into the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry.

Dental Hygiene

At the end of the 1940s, during the 1940s the American Dental Association (ADA) began to endorse and promote fluoride as the most effective method to stop tooth decay. The ADA was also a proponent of the use of the fluoride ion within various fluoride compounds to prevent tooth d