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K is measured by the magnetic field created by the current flow through the conductor. The magnetic field produced when current flows through conductors is utilized to generate an electric signal that is used to determine the amount of current.

The Hall Effect current sensor is made up of three main components: a magnetic core as well as the Hall Effect element, and an amplifier. The magnetic core is used to focus the magnetic field that is created by the current flow. Its Hall Effect element then detects this magnetic field and produces an electrical signal that can then be amplified by an amplifier. This amplifying is accomplished via an amplifier before being sent to a monitor device or digital display.

There are numerous uses for these devices in industrial as well automotive environments. These sensors can be used to observe high voltage circuits and determine the presence of currents in them. They are also used for detecting short circuits over-currentsand various types of defects. In addition, they are used to measure the speed of motors and shafts, as also to determine the speed of a shaft.