How Do Clear Aligners Work? – Health and Fitness Tips

Braces that are traditional in style are quite common. However, the hassle of dealing using brackets and wires that are made of steel isn’t desirable, and neither is the cost. Clear aligners such as Invisalign have become more and more sought-after. It may look as a mouthguard athlete wears during competition however, they’re actually quite effective. In this clip we will show you how these clear aligners improve your dental condition.

For the first time, your orthodontist will scan and take images of your teeth so that they can design the mold of your aligners. Based on the adjustments to your smile that the dentist wants to achieve and the desired correction, they’ll adjust the mold in accordance with the desired correction. After the aligners are made then all you have to wear them all of your day. Doing this over a long period of time, your teeth begin shifting into the proper position. It is much less painful and is more comfortable than conventional braces that are made of metal. miqpwiwtpl.