What Do You Need To Know About Lawn Fertilizer – Home Improvement Tips

Using fertilizer is a great solution to grow the lawn you want to draw attention. Jason Creel of the YouTube channel Lawn Care Life looks at what you need to be aware of about lawn fertilizer.

The companies that sell lawn fertilizers will want to sell you many bags so that you can use more of fertilizer than you actually need. Consider using half of the recommended dose. If this doesn’t help you can increase it to the maximum recommended dose.

Lawn fertilizer bags feature three distinct numbers that are separated with a hyperbole. The first number is the percentage of nitrogen that is present in the fertilizer. The potassium percentage follows. The third number represents the potassium percentage. The nitrogen percentage that is the highest is always the highest.

The ideal time to apply fertilizer your lawn is during the late spring on a day which rainy weather isn’t anticipated. Even though your lawn is likely to require irrigation the following day but heavy rainfall soon after applying the fertilizer will just wipe it away. Once fertilizer is put in, you should water your lawn daily with approximately 12 inch.

It’s not wise to wait until your lawn appears better after months of fertilizer application. x5y7t68bnr.