How to Do Hardwood Flooring Maintenance – Andre Blog

They are awe-inspiring But they’re not impervious to damage. A regular hardwood flooring maintenance program is crucial to make sure long-lasting hardwood floors. years. Learn more about the best ways to perform regular maintenance on your hardwood floors.

The first step is to be sure to sweep and vacuum frequently particularly in areas with high traffic. To avoid damaging your flooring, be sure that you use an broom with soft bristles and a vacuum without the heads of rotary brushes. It is recommended to clean areas that are frequented by traffic such as the hallway next to the door to your home more often.

Second, clean the spills as soon as you can. For cleaning up spills you should use a clean cloth with a wooden floor cleaner. Use the cleaner on the cloth and then scrub your floor with a soft.

Thirdly, you should take off your shoes when you are not using them. Hardwood floors may be damaged by shoes which are high enough or low.

Make sure your pet’s nails are clean. If your pet’s nails are clean and free of dirt and dirt as a result, you’ll avoid the possibility of pet scratches on hardwood floors.

For additional hardwood flooring maintenance tips, watch the video below!