How Lawyers Are Still Held Accountable For Their Actions – Legal Videos

Standards are not always met. Lawyers can determine how to best approach an issue to protect their clients, but they are not exempt from any consequences resulting from their actions. ABC News uploaded a video on their Youtube channel entitled “Lawyer cleared of lying to FBI” in which they explain how Michael Sussman was acquitted of lying to the FBI. Find out more!
Holding Lawyers Accountable

The legal profession is autonomous, which means many lawyers could be able to get away with a lot of things and not be charged with the same penalties as normal citizens. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a crime to take responsibility for one’s decisions.

Michael Sussman was linked to the Hillary Clinton administration and investigated for connections to Russian emails. The lawyer general of Donald Trump filed a case against Sussman to question his ties to the foreign government. The issue was first brought up in an FBI investigation. A Washington jury found him uninvolved from all accusations. They said they believed the lawyer admitted to the FBI truth.

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