The Process of Glass Manufacturing – The Art Museum

To create art works. This is partly because of its transparent nature. Additionally, it is tinted into stained-glass pieces. The stunning pieces of art usually are discovered in cathedrals, churches, and other churches. Cathedrals in fact have commissioned stained glass windows for centuries. These marvels are worthy of seeing even if you don’t have the time. Although some of the windows look old-fashioned however, they could undergo stained glass restoration and look like new as they did thousands of years back. This video will demonstrate how glass is made.

Sand is the basis of glass. The initial step is to utilize a filter for separating parts of sand that are not separated from other materials. Glass can become cloudy when it’s not used properly. The sand then gets placed in a giant furnace which is then subjected to intense temperatures. It allows the sand to melt to a state of molten. This permits the glass to form a sheet, or windows. It is the very first step in making stained glass windows.